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Monday, July 18, 2011

A final good-bye.

Good-bye Astoria and thank you to everyone for a fantastic journey.

In 1811 David Thompson put the Columbia River on the map and in 2011 The David Thompson Columbia Brigade put David Thompson on the map!

July 16th

One final look at the Astoria Bridge. A few months ago, my friend Brad Langston, from Brandon, MB, rode his bike over the same bridge. This photo is for Brad.

July 15th

The Professional Land Surveyors of Oregon arranged the welcoming ceremony for us but unfortunately the weather had turned UGLY and we couldn't keep dry to enjoy the festivities as much as we would like to have. Thank you PLSO!

July 15th

Astoria Bridge. We didn't get to paddle under it but that wasn't a problem. Our Team survived the entire journey unscathed.

July 15th

The crews of Koo Koo Sint and Paddle Song at the end of the line in Astoria - a rather emotional time for everyone. After 45 days and 1600 km, it was over - hard to believe as it went by so quickly.

July 15th

Approaching Astoria.

July 15th

Heading towards Tongue Point, about 5 km from Astoria. This was the last of the calm water. Once we rounded the point, it got ROUGH! Prior to the Point we were averaging about 12 km per hour. Once we rounded the point, we were down to 3.5 km per hour and still had 5 km to go. It was a tough paddle but we all did it and no one missed any shifts so no one tipped over in the waves.